You are expected to throroughly research your subject and effectively present it to the class in a 5-minute, creative vacation-travel presentation. The historical facts, events and locations of your subject will be the destinations and attractions of your vacation package. This will require:
  1. Thorough research. Including the textbook and at least 3 other works cited. PLACE YOUR WORKS CITED ON YOUR PERSONAL WIKI PAGE.
  2. A complete travel itinerary. Your itinerary is essentially the outline of your subject, and evidence that you fully understand it. You must include all major historically-accurate routes, locations, events and personalities in your subject, along with a historically-accurate schedule of days devoted to each leg of the trip. Your itinerary must be turned into Mr. Klingman.
  3. Creative Presentation Design. You are expected to turn your information into a creative presentation, using all the media and visual support you want to make your presentation entertaining and informative. This includes the creative quality of your required elements -- slogan, logo, poster and other support. Your presentation design should reflect significant creative thought and effort.
  4. Effective Live or Video Presentation. You are expected to present your travel package with command and enthusiasm. You need to look like you know what you are talking about and you're really glad to have the chance to present it. After all, you're trying to "sell" your vacation package to the class.


You will be assessed on the four expectations above, plus an evaluation in-class by your fellow classmates. Each category will be worth 10 points, for a possible project total of 50 points.
  1. Thoroughness of research 10 points.
  2. Accuracy and Thoroughness of Travel Itinerary: 10 points
  3. Creativity of Design: 10 points
  4. Quality of Presentation: 13 points
  5. Works Cited: 7 points Reminder-should be place on your own wikipage and not in presentation.