Age of Enlightenment


During this unit on the Age of Enlightenment, each student will be assigned a topic. See the page below labeled Individual Assignments to find your topic. For this unit, each student should create a Social Media page to use as a presentation for the class. In the past, Mr. Klingman used this project for students to create a Facebook page, but he has recently learned that Facebook is for "Old People." Therefore, you are encouraged to use some type of Social Media page that you may be familiar with, or in this day of innovation please feel free to create your own page. After all, there is no reason why you cannot create a new tool that will be in demand by everyone. You should create your page as if it is for the people/idea/event you were assigned. So, if you have John Locke (shown above) create a social media page as if you are John Locke with information related to Locke and the Enlightenment.

Since many actual Social Media pages are blocked at school, students may need to use Pages or Keynote, or PowerPoint to actually give your presentation that proper appearance. You are allowed to do whatever is needed to make your presentation take on a Social Media appearance. In the past, students have used Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as a format to create their project.

All students are expected to continue their proper research skills used during the first semester. A sufficient number of sources with information properly documented on the page Mr. Klingman created for you on your class wikipage. Proper MLA format is required, and you should put the works cited either above or under the facts posted to your wikipage.All research must be approved by Mr. Klingman before you start creating your presentation. If you do not get approval for the research before creating your presentation page, you will be penalized a letter grade for the project.

Presentations begin on Monday January 30 for all blocks A, C, E, and F. Block G will start on Tuesday January 31.

Individual Assignments
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