World War II


The classroom will be set up in a circle with each group sitting with their country. If alliances form, countries must sit next to their ally. When a year is discussed, each country is expected to discuss what is taking place involving their country. Countries are expected to show pictures, maps, and/or video to show these events.

Research should be posted to the group wiki that will be created in each class. Sources should be properly identified using MLA format as students have been expected to do throughout the year. Along with completing proper research, groups will be graded on their knowledge of the information and how it is presented to the circle. Creativity involves the use of aids to help explain the events/activities in your country. In your presentations you should emphasize vocabulary words, names of people, and important events. See Mr. Klingman if you have any questions. Each student in the group is expected to contribute and collaboration and cooperation will also factor into the grade. Use the online textbook and online databases for your information.

You must use MLA format and have a works cited at the end of your presentation no matter what you choose to do.Information from the textbook does not have to be cited, but if you ONLY USE the textbook your group will be penalized.
Here is the outline for the unit, which can be used to view main ideas that should be emphasized along with other information you may find in your research:

Group Evaluation Sheet. Download this form to see how project will be graded.

World War II Notes

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