World War I and Russian Revolution

During this unit, students will work in groups to teach areas of World War I and the Russian Revolution. Each group will have the ability to use whatever presentation form works best for them. There should, however, be pictures and videos included to help the students understand the topic you are teaching. As has been the case all year, each group should present thorough research from a variety of sources. Please do not ask Mr. Klingman how many sources you should have. When you are doing thorough research, you will come across information from a variety of multiple sites. Google searching is not allowed for information, but is allowed for images. Please use the outline below to help you with main ideas you should focus on in your research. Mr. Klingman will also make recommendations to each group about what to cover. If the group creates some type of video to show the class, there must still be interaction in class with each member of the group contributing information. Since there will be 2 or 3 people in each group, there will be a limited amount of time for groups to finish the project before presentation begin in class.

WWIRR Group Assignments

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