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From here on is up to you to create by researching the beginning of the United Nations and how it works. United Nation Site will be a help for you to learn how the UN works today. Please use the HIES library link to access the online data base. Here are the rest of the vocabulary, names, terms, and events that should be included in your outline.

Vocabulary: disarmament, sovereign or sovereignty, territorial aggrandizement, collective security, ratified, atrocities, alliance, suppress, aggression, abstain, friction, sanctions, disembark, veto, charter. Please feel free to add your own that you come across in your research.
fdrmon_thumb.jpgNames: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Chiang Kai-shek, Joseph Stalin, Ban Ki-moon
Conferences: Casablanca, Quebec, Cairo, Moscow, Tehran, Dumbarton Oaks, San Francisco(UNCIO)Ban.jpeg
Agencies: FAO, UNRRA, IMF, International Civil Aviation Organization, UNESCO, UNICEF,

Terms: Big 3 (Yalta), Organs with details of the United Nations, Permanent Members, Charter Members, Languages of UN.

Outline for UN is below.
UN Outline

AssignmentUN Page

For 2010, we will use this outline and discuss UN information in class. Unit will last less than two week