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Once the workbook pages have been completed, each student(individually) will draw a number from a cup that will correspond to the topics listed below. Students will have the option to come up with a topic of their own related to the Renaissance, if they are not happy with the person matched from the list below. Please discuss what you would like to do as a substitute with Mr. Klingman.
1. Introduction(What was the Renaissance and How did it start)
Choice: 1. Cosimo and Lorenzo Medici
2. Art (Painting)
Choices: 2. DaVinci, 3. Michelangelo, 4. Raphael, 5. Durer, 6. Van Eyck
3. Art (Sculpture and Architecture)
Choices:Sculpture-7. Donatello, 8. Michelangelo
Choices:Architecture-9. Michelangelo, 10. Brunelleschi
Choices:Inventions: 11. DaVinci, 12. Gutenberg
4. Writing
Choices: 13. Castiglione, 14. Machiavelli, 15. Shakespeare, 16. More
5. Ways of Thinking(This includes, but is not limited to, Humanism.)
Choices: 17. Petrarch, 18. Erasmus

Each student will prepare a brief presentation for the class and the format of the presentation is up to each student. Please keep in mind that PowerPoint is Ancient History and we are studying Modern History.
It is up to each student to decide the format of their presentation that will be limited to 5 minutes. Be prepared to answer questions from the class about your choices, and please include a works cited using MLA format at the end of the presentation.

Mr. Klingman will create a wikipage for each of you to put your research notes for your topic. You MUST use MLA style to cite each source either above the information or below it. You may use the textbook and should identify research information as simply being from the textbook on your wikipage. You DO NOT need to cite the textbook. Each student must use other sources from the HIES library database to support your factual information and opinions. Students may use images, from any reliable source, and/or short video clips to add to their presentation. These images and videos must also be cited using MLA format. Grading for this project will be based on the following:

Thoroughness of Notes-10pts
Class Understanding of Presentation-10pts
Creativity of Presentaion-10pts
Composure during Presentation 10pts.
Works Cited-10pts

Reformation Unit


After the workbook pages are completed, each class will be divided into numerous groups to create a two or three-act play based on their chosen topic. Groups and topics will be decided at random with at least three students in each group. Assignment topics will range from the story of Martin Luther, importance of John Calvin, role of Henry VIII and his children, Catholic Reformation, and Scientific Revolution.

Notes must be taken by members of each group to fully understand the details of their topic. All notes must be posted to a Google Doc created by one student in each group and include MLA works cited information. Each group must then write out their information in the form of a script and include any historical figures and events that become part of the play. Students will then act out these plays for a grade in each class.

Each group will also be responsible for generating notes on their topic using Google Docs. Notes should be created using the two column method with main ideas on the left and details on the right. Any vocabulary words included in the details should be emphasized by using Bold font. It is recommended that names of people be highlighted in a color consistent with each group. Once the notes are completed they will be generated into one document to be shared by all students. Mr. Klingman will create a podcast of these notes, and critical thinking test questions will be generated from these student created notes.

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