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The Global Age

Textbook and Workbook
During this unit on the Global Age of Exploration you will work on your own. As was the case with the previous unit, you will start by reading the text book and then completing work book pages. All students should start with the text book in chapters 2 and 3, but you are expected to also use the databases to look for other information. There is a link at the bottom of this page and on the history page for a library research guide.

Global Age Travel Assignment
Each student will work individually to research, produce and present a five-minute vacation travel promotion for their assigned topic.

To present and “sell” your global exploration topic to the class as a modern-day vacation travel package. Treat your assigned subject as if it were a wonderful vacation package. You should include all the historical facts and significance of your subject as you describe the destinations and attractions on your “tour.” Treat these historical attractions as if they are actually going to happen on your tour. Try to convince the class that they should spend their next vacation on your wonderful, fantastic vacation tour.

For further information on Expectations and Assessment, see the link at the bottom of this page.

Required Elements:

1. Slogan
Your vacation package slogan should sum up the basic benefits and nature of your vacation tour and be used throughout your materials.
Actual Modern Travel Slogan Examples:
It’s Better In The Bahamas! Tennessee – We’re Playing Your Song! Georgia On My Mind! Sweet Home Alabama! Incredible India! Live Your Myth In Greece! Belize – Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret! Mississippi – Find Your True South!
Made-Up Slogan Examples for this Project:
Portugal Adventure Spice Tours – Spice Up Your Life!
Magellan Cruise Line – A World of Fun!
Capitalism Vacations – Cash In On The Adventure!

2. Logo
Create a logo for your tour. It must include the name of your tour, its slogan, and one visual element connoting its theme or itinerary. This example below is the tourism logo for Mississippi. The Mississippi type looks sort of like a paddle-wheeler riverboat. “True South” is a navigational term, so the logo includes a compass.

See Wiki page link below for examples of travel & tourism logos.
3. Itinerary:
Create a detailed itinerary of your vacation tour. List all the routes, destinations and attractions along your tour in the order that they actually occurred (and will occur on your tour). The itinerary should be divided into the different legs (sections) of your tour, with departure and arrival locations and approximate number of days spent on that leg. Include all the attractions – bad or good – to be seen in each along the way – locations, cultures, people, figures, battles, diseases, deaths, riches, spices, etc., etc.

See Wiki page link below for a sample itinerary format.

4. Poster (on poster board or electronic):
Put together a color travel poster either to be placed on an easel during your presentation or projected. This poster should be colorful and creatively designed to promote your Global Age travel package. The poster must include your logo and slogan. Other suggestions include listing major attractions and/or destinations, photos of the destinations (or photos that look like them), colorful clip-art, a map with the route on it, pictures of happy tourists in similar locations, pictures or lists of travel package amenities (food, accommodations, scheduled events, etc.), price, schedule, etc. If you decide to make a traditional paper poster, use a standard 20" X 30" poster board. If you create it electronically, it should have the same look, but could also be interactive. A great free program to use for an interactive electronic poster is Glogster. Below, you will find a link to Glogster.

See Wiki page link below for examples of travel & tourism posters, and for Glogster.

5. Presentation:
Deliver a five-minute oral “sales” presentation for your tour utilizing your poster and at least one of the following elements (the use of more than one is encouraged):

Video Commercial:
Maximum one-minute video “commercial” for your travel package. On the links page below are some examples of travel commercials. Some are professionally produced, and some are student produced, to give you an idea of what can be done without having to travel or hire a film crew. They're all a minute or less in length. And never forget the power of a green screen.

See Wiki page link below for links to examples of travel commercials.
Visual Support:
You can use projected images and graphics support for your presentation – your logo, photos of locations or happy travelers, historical photos, your itinerary, dates, cost, etc.

Your itinerary or poster can be turned into a printed color brochure or flyer to be passed around the room.

See Wiki page link below for examples of travel brochures and flyers.

In addition to any music used in your commercial, you may want to use background music during your presentation.

Show-and-tell items (imitation, of course) supposedly found along the way of your fantastic vacation tour – coins, weapons, cultural items, art, spices, precious metals and jewels, etc. Anything to make your presentation more fun, realistic and interesting.

Just for fun, and to make your presentation more interesting, you might want to wear authentic garb the clothes either of the cultures you will visit, or of the host explorers of the “tour.”

You have the option of presenting Live and In Person to the Class or Create a Video Sales promotion. Whichever one you choose must be the requirements spelled out above.

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