On the pages created below, please feel free to collaborate to create study guides that will help you prepare for the final exam. On the page marked for vocabulary, please only put vocabulary words. Put names of people on the names page and so on. If you mix all the categories up on each page you are only making study for the final harder on yourself. You have the Enlightenment, World War I, Russian Revolution, and World War II.

vocabularyfinal 2-Put only VOCABULARY words on this page.

namesofpeople final 2 Put only NAMES OF PEOPLE studied during the second semester on this page. It would help if you put the names under the unit we covered for each. For example, put all the Enlightement names under Enlightenment, but you will have to create the section.

Events final 2 Put any important EVENTS that were discussed in each of the three units.

terms final 2 Put only TERMS on this page. Terms are words such as Pan Slavism or Social Darwinism. They are not vocabulary words.

possible essay questions final 2 Put possible essay questions on this page. Mr. Klingman reserves the right to create variations of essays you have already had this semester.

The final exam consists of 20 Multiple Choice questions that will include maps, graphs, cartoons, and statements. There is also a document based essay, and two other essays. The essays are worth 60 points.